Claire & Tony

The wedding of Claire & Tony at Fanhams Hall, Ware - 3rd September

I don't know about you but I think we've had a really great summer this year full of lovely sunny days.... that is it seems, except for Saturdays! Looking back I actually can't remember a Saturday in August and September when it hasn't rained - and given that the majority of weddings are on a Saturday, it hasn't boded well for the wedding season. And yet one thing that I've noticed is that none of my lovely bride and grooms have let it affect the mood of their day. The wedding of Claire and Tony was no different.

This lovely couple got married at the beautiful Fanham's Hall and it pretty much rained all day. There was a glimmer of hope later in the day though... quite literally. During the dinner reception I noticed a ray of sunshine coming through the window so grabbed my camera and tapped Claire on the shoulder and asked if we could pop outside for 5 minutes to get a few shots of them both in the grounds. The sun was just setting so the light was really beautiful with a warm orange hue - one of my favourite times to photograph at a wedding. I was so pleased that we managed to get a few 'couple' shots outside in the end - a relief for any wedding photographer!

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