Kathy & Lee

The wedding of Kathy & Lee at Caswell House, Cotswolds - August 19th

After meeting Kathy years ago whilst photographing for a children's charity and instantly getting on so well, I knew this wedding was going to be nothing but fun! Kathy & Lee got married at the stunning Caswell House in the Cotswolds and after looking online at the venue I knew it was going to be nothing short of amazing! The plan was to get married outside in the beautiful grounds - the only thing that could go wrong would be for the weather to turn bad but with the week leading up to the wedding being so hot and sunny, surely this gorgeous weather would carry on through the weekend? How wrong we were! The whole morning of the wedding wasn't just wet weather, it absolutely poured down with rain! Kathy & Lee's dreams of getting married outside went out of the window so the ceremony was moved inside the barn. Kathy was really disappointed so I popped over to the barn to see what we were working with. Well... I couldn't believe my eyes... it was simply stunning! I've never seen such a beautiful ceremony room and my first thought was how am I going to be able to capture the magic of this place in my photos! I ran back to Kathy, who was nearly finished getting ready, to not only put her at ease but share my excitement of how it looked!

During the morning I flew between photographing the bridal and grooms parties getting ready. Finley, who is Kathy & Lee's 4 year old son, was getting ready with Lee in another part of the venue and so I managed to get some super cute shots of them both before they headed off to greet the arriving guests.

After taking the final 'getting ready' shots of Kathy, she was ready to see her Dad for the first time in her dress. Kathy looked so beautiful there wasn't a dry eye in the room when her Dad walked in - a really wonderful moment to be a part of!

Before we knew it was time for the ceremony. Despite it only being a 2 minute walk to the barn from where Kathy was getting married, I had to drive due to the rain being so heavy! She arrived and made her entrance down the aisle led by Finley and her gorgeous bridesmaids. The ceremony was emotional, funny and just perfect.

Our positive weather thoughts obviously worked as during the drinks reception the rain stopped and we were able to get outside and take the formal family photos. Despite the fact that it started to rain again soon after, Kathy & Lee were still happy to walk around the grounds to take some more photos, which was fabulous for me as the stunning grounds made for some amazing couple photos!

During dinner the sun actually came out so we grabbed the bridesmaids and groomsmen and headed back out to take some more group photos. We then headed back in for the speeches where Lee's best man, who was not only his best friend but also Kathy's brother, decided to dress up in fancy dress as Lee and spent the whole speech impersonating him... definitely a first for me! After dinner the weather just kept getting better so I was even able to do a big group shot plus I took just the bridesmaids off for a secret shoot of funny photos which I knew Kathy would love! I managed to persuade Finley to have some photos taken with Mum and Dad which came out beautifully... although that's not difficult with a family that are all so gorgeous! The venue was just so amazing that it didn't matter what corner you turned, there was always the most beautiful backdrop for photos.

With the evening guests all arrived and a glass of prosecco in everyone's hand, it was time for the first dance. This particular dance was very unique as the bride and groom had asked the guests earlier on in the day to choose between three different songs, with the winner becoming the first dance song. Kathy & Lee had no idea what song it was until they heard it that evening. The winning song was 'Jump the Line' by Harry Belafonte which went down a storm and had everyone going crazy on the dance floor... I even found my own feet and hips going at one point!

I really loved every minute of this wedding and had to keep reminding myself I was actually at work. The guests, the bridesmaids and of course Kathy, Lee and Finley made the whole day just so much fun and it was an absolute pleasure and honour to be part of!

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