Jenna & Leeroy

Tewin Bury Farm - 10th July 2016

I knew the lovely Jenna from working with her event company years ago, but met her partner Leeroy when I photographed their gorgeous newborn baby Nora last year. Jenna & Leeroy were having a very informal and intimate wedding at Tewin Bury Farm and only wanted me there for a few hours to capture the ceremony and drinks reception. The day started off very wet and rainy and with the ceremony taking place outside we were all a bit worried. Poor Leeroy had been at the venue from 7am decorating the place with flowers, bunting and a spectacular wall of photos of them both! However fate took over and the rain stopped just as Jenna started to walk down the aisle. She was accompanied by her Dad and younger brother and she looked absolutely beautiful! I just love photographing outside ceremonies as the lighting and space always seem to enhance the shots, plus there's just always something so lovely about being outside isn't there!

Unfortunately just as the ceremony was ending the heavens opened up again so we retreated inside for champagne and toasts. Leeroy and Jenna both said a few words of love and thanks and the informality of it all was so refreshing and fitting to them both. I noticed that the rain had stopped and it looked as though there was blue sky on the horizon so I hurried everyone outside so we get could do the formal shots and the popular confetti shot. I then took Jenna, Leeroy and their beautiful daughter Nora away for a few private shots which all came out great, not surprising given that they were a very good looking couple together! The sun finally came out and soon everyone was outside enjoying the sunshine and BBQ food. It was a perfect day and everything that Jenna and Leeroy had hoped for... A fab day for a truly fab couple!

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