Happy New Year!

First Shoot of 2016

Happy New Year guys! My 2016 started with photographing a beautiful 3 week old newborn named Olivia. After what sounded like a very scary and stressful birth, Danny & Gemma (Olivia's parents) wanted to celebrate their new baby girl with a newborn baby photoshoot, and I was the lucky one to be able to do it! Olivia turned up a little bit grisly as most babies do when they arrive to a strange house with big scary studio lights, but once we got her settled on the super soft blanket she soon calmed down and even cracked a smile now and again (or it could have just been wind)?!

I have to say, this was possibly one of the best newborn shoots I've done in the last few years. Olivia was so good and we managed to get a mixture of awake and sleeping shots. She was so 'out of it' that we were able to contort her into different cute positions, which is often very hard to achieve in some newborn photography shoots. Danny & Gemma were so much help as well helping relax Olivia whenever she stirred a little. We were the photoshoot dream team : )

We ended up with a great set of photos which I hope the family will cherish for years to come!